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Are you considering additional private tuition in Maths or English for your son or daughter?
Kip McGrath Chelmsford offer a free assessment that forms the basis of a tailored learning programme just for them. We use proven tuition methods, combined with regular progress updates, to ensure your child's success.

Founded in 1976, Kip McGrath has been helping primary and secondary school age children all over the world to improve or extend their learning. With over 500 centres globally, we know what works.

Kip McGrath Chelmsford was established in 2016 by myself - Arati. My goal is simple: get to know each child as an individual and help them reach their full potential. I have a degree in Maths and am fully qualified to teach English in the centre.

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Here are some of our students at Kip McGrath Chelmsford. They have worked hard and are eager to learn more for their next reward.

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"Just 3 months before my GCSE Maths, I went to Kip McGrath Chelmsford and my tutor immediately saw what I had to learn and revise.


If you are looking for a private tutor Arati is the best choice. I was very pleased with the outcome (result A*). I would definitely recommend Kip Chelmsford to anyone who’s looking for Maths Tuition.



Mr A. from Chelmar Village

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